Bitcoin Payments Infrastructure

Bamotf is the first open-source payment processor for Bitcoin made for developers offering security, privacy, censorship resistance, and a near zero-config solution to accept bitcoins on your application.

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Create faster

Everything you need to get paid

bamotf integrates the whole infrastructure needed for starting receiving bitcoin payments, including server, react components, utility packages and webhooks.

Quickly set up a local development environment that matches production. No more waiting for transactions to get confirmed on the blockchain.
Automatically convert values.
Just pass the amount in your preferred currency and bamotf will convert it to the equivalent amount in bitcoin users have to pay.
Autocomplete and type-safe.
The best code is the code that writes itself, so you can move quickly and be sure you don`t break stuff accidentally.
React components.
Ready-to-use pre-built fully customizable components and utilities that speed up development and make it the perfect starting point for your next project.
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Everything you need

Don't worry about how Bitcoin operates

bamotf handles the communication with the of Bitcoin network. You focus on your business logic.

Asynchronous checks
No more background services to monitor transactions - get instant notifications via webhook once payments are confirmed on the blockchain
CI/CD friendly
Deploy your app with confidence. bamotf is designed to be used in CI/CD environments so you can test your application on all levels.

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